Introduction to Electronics | Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits | Activity 1

Drawing the Bohr model of an atom

Materials needed:
Periodic Table of Elements

1. Draw the Bohr model of of the following atoms:
2. Write your observations.
3. Write your conclusion.

How to draw the Bohr model of an atom.

  1. Find the atomic number of the element from the periodic table.
  2. Determine the number of protons in the nucleus of the atom, which is equal to the atomic number.
  3. Determine the number of neutrons in the nucleus of the atom by subtracting the atomic number from the atomic mass.
  4. Draw a circle to represent the nucleus of the atom. Label the circle with the symbol of the element and write the number of protons and neutrons inside the circle.
  5. Draw the first energy level (also called the K-shell) as a smaller circle surrounding the nucleus. This energy level can hold up to 2 electrons.
  6. Draw the second energy level (also called the L-shell) as a larger circle surrounding the first energy level. This energy level can hold up to 8 electrons.
  7. Continue drawing additional energy levels, each one larger than the previous one, until you have included all the electrons of the element. Remember that the maximum number of electrons in each energy level can be calculated using the formula 2n^2, where n is the energy level number.
  8. Distribute the electrons of the element into the energy levels according to the electron configuration of the element, filling up the energy levels from the innermost to the outermost one.
  9. Write the total number of electrons in the element beneath the symbol.
  10. You may use different colors or symbols to differentiate between electrons in different energy levels.

Following these steps will allow you to draw the Bohr model of an atom of a particular element. It’s a useful visual representation of the electron configuration of an atom that can help to understand how the electrons are arranged around the atom’s nucleus.

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