Review of Related Literature on Physical Therapy Interventions for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Objective: To compile, analyze, and synthesize a comprehensive review of related literature on the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions in managing chronic lower back pain.


Task 1: Initial Literature Search

  1. Use PubMed to perform an initial search on the topic. Be sure to use appropriate MeSH terms such as “Low Back Pain/therapy”, “Physical Therapy Modalities”, and “Chronic Pain/therapy”. Apply the advanced search strategies you’ve learned to maximize the relevance of your search results.
  2. Save all potential articles to your My NCBI account. Aim for a manageable number of articles, for example, 20-30.

Task 2: Article Selection and Analysis

  1. Review the abstracts of each potential article. Consider the relevancy to your topic, the quality of the study, and the credibility of the journal. Choose the most relevant and high-quality articles for inclusion in your review.
  2. For each selected article, read the full text thoroughly (if accessible). Note the key points, findings, and conclusions.

Task 3: Synthesis of Findings

  1. Organize the articles into categories based on common themes or subtopics. This could be based on specific types of interventions (exercise therapy, manual therapy, etc.), the severity or duration of the back pain, or patient populations.
  2. Summarize the findings of each article within its category, highlighting the key points and how they contribute to the overall understanding of the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions in managing chronic lower back pain.

Task 4: Writing the Review

  1. Start with an introduction that outlines the topic and the purpose of your review.
  2. Write a summary of each article in your own words, making sure to highlight how each study contributes to the broader understanding of the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions.
  3. Conclude with a synthesis of the current state of the research on your topic and identify areas where further research is needed.

By completing this activity, students will gain experience in conducting a literature review using PubMed, a crucial skill for evidence-based practice in physical therapy.

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