Analyzing Post Engagement for Content Strategy

Part 1: Content Categorization

Objective: Classify posts into specific content categories.

  • Categories:
    • Announcements: Official statements or news (e.g., congratulations, new offerings).
    • Promotions: Marketing and advertising content (e.g., enrollment promotions).
    • Status Updates: General updates or information sharing.
    • Events: Information related to upcoming or past events.
    • Inspirational Content: Motivational quotes or stories.
    • Educational Content: Posts that provide learning materials or insights.

  • Tasks:
    1. Review the “Description” and “Title” columns.
    2. Categorize each post based on content.
    3. Document the criteria used for categorization.

Part 2: Descriptive Analysis by Content Category

Objective: Analyze engagement metrics for each content category.

  • Tasks:
    1. Calculate descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode) for each category.
    2. Create visualizations (bar charts, histograms) to represent the engagement metrics.
    3. Identify outliers or exceptional posts within each category.

Part 3: Time-based Analysis

Objective: Investigate how engagement varies over time for different content categories.

  • Tasks:
    1. Convert the “Publish time” column to a datetime object.
    2. Analyze trends in engagement over time (e.g., weekly, monthly).
    3. Create line graphs to visualize time-based trends.

Part 4: Content Insights and Recommendations

Objective: Develop insights and recommendations for content strategy.

  • Tasks:
    1. Summarize the findings from the engagement analysis.
    2. Identify key takeaways for each content category.
    3. Provide specific recommendations for future posts, including content types, posting times, and engagement strategies.


  • A categorized dataset with posts classified into the defined categories.
  • Descriptive statistics for engagement metrics within each category.
  • Visualizations representing engagement trends and time-based analysis.
  • A report summarizing the findings and recommendations for content strategy.

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