CriteriaExemplary (5)Proficient (4)Basic (3)Below Basic (2)Unsatisfactory (1)
Clarity of Problem StatementProblem is presented clearly, concisely, and is easily understood.Problem is mostly clear with minor ambiguities.Problem is somewhat clear but lacks precision.Problem is vaguely presented; major ambiguities present.Problem is not clearly defined or is very confusing.
Relevance and SignificanceProblem is highly relevant, with clear significance to the target audience or market.Problem is relevant to the audience with some areas of significance.Problem has moderate relevance but might lack wide significance.Problem has limited relevance or significance.Problem is not relevant or lacks any clear significance.
Research and BackgroundProvides comprehensive research and background information, showcasing deep understanding.Provides solid research with minor gaps in background information.Provides basic research; some aspects lack depth or context.Provides limited research; many aspects lack depth or context.Provides little to no research or background information.
Potential ImpactClearly articulates the potential negative impact if the problem remains unsolved.Describes the impact with some clarity, minor aspects might be overlooked.Briefly mentions the impact, but lacks depth or specifics.Rarely mentions the potential impact; lacks clarity.Does not address the potential impact or is very vague.
Engagement and DeliveryEngages the audience fully; confident and enthusiastic delivery.Engages the audience most of the time; clear and steady delivery.Somewhat engages the audience; some areas of uncertain delivery.Rarely engages the audience; lacks confidence in delivery.Does not engage the audience; mumbled or unclear delivery.
Use of Visual Aids (if applicable)Visual aids are clear, relevant, and enhance understanding of the problem.Visual aids are mostly clear and relevant with minor inconsistencies.Visual aids are somewhat relevant but may confuse at times.Visual aids are rarely relevant and often confuse.Visual aids are not used or are irrelevant and confusing.
Response to Feedback/QuestionsProvides insightful responses with depth; welcomes feedback.Provides accurate responses; mostly open to feedback.Provides basic responses; sometimes struggles with feedback.Provides limited or incorrect responses; resistant to feedback.Does not address feedback/questions or provides incorrect responses.

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